How to get rid of the bad smell in the fridge?

Do you know that smell coming from the fridge when we have not noticed that the food has expired and have not thrown it in time? How to easily get rid of the smell?fridge cleaning

The answer is: You need to clean the fridge as part of your domestic cleaning routine and then to remove the bad smell.

Turn off the fridge and unplug it. Remove all the items and discard the expired food. Now you have to remove and wash all parts of the fridge separately. Clean the interior.

You can follow one of these very effective and cheap methods to remove the bad smell:

Wipe the walls of the fridge with a cloth soaked in a solution of equal parts of vinegar and water. To remove odor permanently, you can put a plate with cotton soaked in vinegar in the fridge for about two hours.

Put in the fridge a glass of baking soda, dissolved in water. Also, you can keep an open pack soda in the fridge and you have to change it every three months.

Put some charcoal briquettes in a dish and leave in fridge for about 7 hours. Charcoal can absorb the smell! They can be left permanently in the fridge in a box with perforated cover.

Twhite goods cleaninghe lemon is also very beneficial. Wipe the walls of the fridge with a cloth moistened with lemon juice. The other way is to cut a lemon in slices, place them in a dish and refrigerate for several days. Do not leave it for more than a week because your lemon will simply rot and will need to remove the smell of rotten lemon afterwards.

Coffee grounds are also very good for absorbing the bad smells. Just put the grounds in a small bowls on different shelves in the fridge. The odour will disappear in the next few days.

Place some slices of bread in small plates of each of the empty shelf included a refrigerator for 8-10 hours. Bread absorbs the smell.

Instead of bread you can use rice.
clean fridge

You can put in the fridge some herbs – basil, turmeric, cloves, tarragon, cinnamon, celery and thyme.

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