How to clean washing machine

Washing machine needs regular cleaning and maintenance just like any other household appliance.  Do not skip it from your domestic cleaning clean washing machineTo avoid a bad smell of laundry, we suggest you to clean the soap drawer, drum and filter. How to do this? Home Maid Clean recommends:

1. Remove and clean the soap drawer.

Almost all washing machine soap drawers can be easily removed for cleaning purpose.

washing machine cleaningSoap drawers and boxes get mucky and they need to be cleaned regularly if you do not want a smelly washing machine. The combination of wet or damp environment and powder and/or fabric conditioner debris is prerequisite for bacteria and mould to grow. Remove the soap drawer and the soap box very carefully and clean it with a hot water and a toothbrush. You can use a regular domestic cleaner. The soap drawer is easier to be cleaned when it is soaked in a hot water and a bleach for about 30 minutes.

2. Clean the drum

The drum of the washing machine needs to be cleaned at least once a month so you can keep the bacteria and the smell down. Even the washing machine looks sparkling clean there are a lot of cracks and holes where germs can fester. How to clean the drum? It is a very easy process. Put soda crystals or vinegar into the washing machine and run an empty wash at 60 degrees.

3. Clean the filter

Because of its warm and humid environment the filter is another place where germs collect. Empty it regularly and remove fluff and dirt that has gathered inside. cleaned washing machine

To clean the inner filter, you will need to remove the front panel of the washing machine. Before you start unplug the machine and shut off the water. On the lower front panel, you will find three screws along the bottom that you’ll need to unscrew. When the lower panel is removed, you will find the washing machine’s drain plug. Set up a bucket and a towel beneath the drain plug before you continue. Slowly unscrew the plug. There will be water draining out, so you will need to empty your bucket few times before you can fully unscrew the drain plug. Pull out the drain filter and remove the lint buildup. When the filter is cleaned, screw the drain plug back in and replace the washing machine’s front panel.


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  1. Thank you for these tips! I had a strange smell in my laundry after washing. I decided to follow your cleaning tips and it worked. There is no any bed smell but a fresh aroma. Thank you!

  2. Amazing! Its actually amazing piece of writing, I have got much clear idea concerning from this piece
    of writing.

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