How to clean a kettle

Today we focus on another kitchen appliance we use every day but often skip during our weekly domestic cleaning – the kettle.

kettle cleaning

The more you use the kettle, the more limescale builds up inside!

Now we will show three effective ways to clean a kettle natural way.

Cleaning a kettle with vinegar  clean kettle with vinegar

Fill the kettle halfway with water and half vinegar. Allow to stand overnight. On the next day, pour the liquid and wipe the sides of the kettle with a sponge. Rinse well. Fill the kettle with water and bring to a boil, drain the water. Fill the kettle again and put the water to boil. Pour the water. Caution: Before use, make sure the kettle has dried well.

Cleaning a kettle with lemon

Clean kettle with lemon

Fill the kettle with water. Add a lemon cut into slices. Turn the kettle to boil. Leave it stands for a while. After about an hour drain the water. Rinse well.

Cleaning a kettle with citric acid

Put 50 g of citric acid in the kettle and fill halfway with boiling water. Let it sit for about 30 minutes. Pour the water. Rinse well. Fill the kettle with clean water and put to boil. Dispose of the liquid. Pour clean water again and turn on the kettle to boil – repeat this one more time  before attempting to make tea or coffee.Clean kettle citric acid

Tip: If after cleaning the kettle with any of the above three options, there is a limescale that is difficult to remove we encourage you to do the following: Put one cup of raw rice in the kettle and shake it well for an about 5 minutes. Thus, the rice will scrub any residue off. Empty and rinse it well.

how to clean kettle

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